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Our mission is to facilitate a culture of continuous improvement in the Division of Student Affairs. We support Division staff in collecting, analyzing, reporting and sharing meaningful data that inform and enhance their programs, services, and physical spaces. We lead Division-level strategic planning to prioritize and align the work of our diverse units with campus-level priorities.

The Office of Planning, Assessment and Data Analytics supports Student Affairs units in gathering and analyzing data to inform meaningful changes to their activities, services and facilities. We provide the following services to the Division of Student Affairs:

  • Consultation with Student Affairs units to develop and implement unit-level assessment plans
  • Providing expertise to units on outcomes, methods, instrument development, analysis, reporting and use of results to drive improvement
  • Leading the Division’s Strategic Plan development, implementation and reporting processes
  • Disseminating relevant data and reports to division, campus and other stakeholders
  • Coordinating requests for institutional data
  • Representing the division on committees related to assessment, planning, institutional data, campus surveys and accreditation.

The Charge: Student Affairs Annual Impact Report | 2022-23