Free expression can be: Exciting. Infuriating. Inspiring. Uncomfortable. Passionate. Hateful. Confusing. Inclusive.

We know it can sometimes be hard to take a stand on the issues that matter to you. We also know it can be challenging to confront ideas we find offensive, and defend our own beliefs when questioned. We hope this website will serve as a resource to help you understand more about student expression at CU Boulder, engage in healthy dialogue and make positive change in your community.

Free speech is a necessary and powerful tool of our society that provides an opportunity for every individual to have a voice. Consistently it has led to positive change when groups of people exercise their rights to speak when others tried to silence them. But free speech can also be extremely hurtful, distressing and even offensive.

By engaging with this topic, we can start the conversation about what free speech means to us and why it’s important. Student expression is central to CU Boulder academic mission and aligns with our values of inclusivity and critical thinking. The university's free expression site outlines CU Boulder’s commitment to freedom of expression and academic freedom, while highlighting relevant policies and programs. Expression and free speech not only plays an important role in your CU Boulder experience, but also in your life after graduation. Learn more about free speech and how you can participate on campus, engage with different viewpoints and find support.