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Student Affairs Information Technology (SAIT) provides technology leadership and support to the Division of Student Affairs. Our deep knowledge and understanding of our students' and staff needs, coupled with our technical expertise, makes SAIT a trusted partner, committed to an excellent student experience. Our dedication, responsiveness and commitment equip us to meet our customers’ evolving demands as we work collaboratively to serve students.


Student Affairs Information Technology provides support and resources for division staff.  

  • Assistance with technology purchases
  • Disposal of technology (printers, computers, laptops, tablets, etc.)
  • Phones/Telecom (mobile and landline)
  • Technology needs for office moves
  • New hire technology needs 

The SAIT Operations team provides core system infrastructure, system administration, networking services, file share services, virtual desktop infrastructure and information systems analysis for the Division of Student Affairs. Our work may include, but is not limited to account provisioning, database services, file/print management, firewall services, infrastructure management, IT architecture, net services, wiring/cable planning, BuffOne Card, campus time clocks and POS registers.

Our staff serve as subject matter experts in both their line of business application as well as the industry they support. 

  • Evaluate, recommend and onboard software for business
  • Manage software renewals
  • Coordinate upgrades with internal IT teams, vendors, and stakeholders
  • Manage issue queues
  • Advocate for enhancements with vendors
  • Create efficiencies through software configuration, business process changes, etc

The Business Intelligence and Reporting area of SAIT enables data-driven business decisions by providing custom reports, data visualizations and self-service reporting solutions.

How to submit a service request

Departments may contact support personnel through the SAIT Help Desk portal which will ensure timeliness of response. If a customer is unable to access the portal, they can also submit an issue by e-mailing, which will automatically create a case in the Service Desk. 

If you are in one of the following departments and need support, contact:

    Requests via the SAIT support portal and via e-mail can be submitted after normal business hours. Requests submitted after business hours will be processed during the following business day using the Incident Response Times (in table below).

    Incident Response Times via the SAIT Support Portal
    Category Initiation of Support
    Urgent 2 hours
    Normal 4 hours

    IT Service Center

    For immediate assistance with general questions, or for an urgent request, departments may also contact the IT Service Center at 303-735-4357 (5-HELP from a campus phone), which can contact the desktop support personnel.