Published: March 15, 2023

Devin Cramer, acting dean of students and associate vice chancellor for student affairsSummer break is coming up soon, and there are a variety of options for students who may have some extra downtime to fill. It can be a time for relaxation, connecting with friends and family, working a part-time job or internship, taking classes or spending time on a favorite hobby. However you choose to spend your summer, many of these activities offer a chance to learn more about yourself and learn outside of the classroom. 

I recently connected with Aliya Trapp, a senior studying internal affairs and ethnic studies with a minor in Spanish, Caden McVey, a junior studying computer and electrical engineering, and Mallory Palizzi, a junior studying chemical engineering, to talk about their various experiences over summer break. They share some lessons learned and advice for students who are looking to take advantage of their time over summer to accomplish goals. Here are some takeaways from our conversation.