Published: Oct. 24, 2022

Delta tau deltaCU Boulder has welcomed its tenth fraternity to the CU Interfraternity Council (CUIFC). Delta Tau Delta affiliated with the university this fall and is welcoming new members. Here are four things to know about the fraternity and CUIFC University Affiliation.

Delta Tau Delta provides a place for students to find support and guidance

Joining Fraternity & Sorority Life (FSL) can help you build lifelong connections to make your college experience more memorable. The friends you meet will make campus feel like a home-away-from-home. Engaging in Greek life can also help you stay focused on school, find leadership and career opportunities, or make a difference on campus and in the Boulder community.

Delta Tau Delta’s mission is in line with that. The chapter’s goal is to help members find their paths to a life of excellence. The fraternity aims to use their values and programs to give members the confidence and tools to serve their communities and set adelta tau positive example for others.

Those programs include alcohol and hazing prevention education to create a safe environment, in addition to personal growth and leadership programs. Delta Tau Delta also has an academic emphasis by offering scholarships that are supported by alumni. 


Delta Tau Delta’s affiliation is actually a return to campus


Delta Tau Delta was originally founded at CU Boulder in 1883, just seven years after the university was established. Notable CU Boulder Delta Tau Delta members include former University of Colorado President Hank Brown, astronaut Scott Carpenter and Hollywood screenwriter and first amendment champion Dalton Trumbo.


Trumbo’s legacy remains on the CU Boulder campus. In 1993, the university dedicated the fountain space near the University Memorial Center to Trumbo and named it the Dalton Trumbo Fountain Court in honor of his accomplishments. Today, the space remains a site of free expression.


While the CU Boulder Delta Tau Delta chapter closed more than 30 years ago, the fraternity’s connections continued. A group of alums began meeting every other year in Boulder for a fall football game. It gave them the opportunity to stay in touch and celebrate the Buffs with lifelong friends.


University-affiliated fraternities enjoy benefits that unaffiliated fraternities do not receive


Now that Delta Tau Delta has returned to CU Boulder as an affiliated fraternity with CUIFC, the chapter will have access to various benefits, including: