Published: April 11, 2022

JB BanksBuffs, we’re almost at the end of another semester. I know it can be challenging to stay motivated right now, but you’re almost done and have a well-deserved break just around the corner. With finals coming up, I have some advice to help you make it through these next few weeks.

Take breaks and use resources

Avoid long study sessions and all-nighters if you can, and find balance between time for your studies and things that you enjoy. And remember to take short, regular breaks when you are studying. Use your short breaks to stretch, get outside or grab a snack. 

If you’re struggling with something—whether it’s a concept discussed in class or a final project or paper—it’s not too late to ask for help. Use academic resources and reach out to your faculty, teaching assistants and classmates with questions. 

To learn about resources, events, tips for managing stress and more this month, visit This website has everything in one place to help you finish strong.

Nurture relationships

When things feel stressful, it can help to stay connected with your friends, family and community. This may seem like a busy time of the year, but keep hanging out with your group of friends and classmates. Make time to eat and study together, or partner up with a friend or roommate to help keep each other motivated with studying through the end of the semester. 

There are many events happening this month for students to take a break and de-stress before finals including the Springfest Carnival. I encourage you to attend a few events and connect with fellow Buffs before the end of the academic year.

Prioritize your overall well-being 

Many students may be feeling increased levels of stress at this time of year. Through finals and over the summer break, I encourage you to take care of yourself and your mental health. If you’re worried about a friend, review these tips for supporting a friend. You can also review these tips for seeking mental health support

Make time to relax and recharge, and do things that you enjoy—especially after finals and over summer break. Spend time outside and find gratitude for the warmer weather. Take technology breaks and try some screen-free activities like reading, hiking, doing an escape room or playing board games with your roommates. 

With all that’s going on, be considerate and kind to yourself and those around you. As we near the end of the semester and celebrate the accomplishments of our Buff family, I encourage you to continue to act with integrity, honor and compassion wherever you are. 

Buffs, I’m here for you and rooting for you. You got this! We got this!

JB Banks
Acting Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs
Dean of Students and Associate Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs