Published: Nov. 6, 2023

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Who doesn’t love a good deal? As a CU staff member, you are eligible for a number of discounts (and even free!) services that you may already be paying for. Staff Council would like to highlight just a few of those as we head into the fall semester.

Throughout 2023, faculty and staff who submit feedback about CU Advantage perks, benefits, services and resources will be entered into a monthly drawing to win $50.

Reviews like yours help others identify discounts and services that will best serve them, and any feedback to improve perks (or the instructions to use them) is welcome. Your feedback can guide CU in shaping future offerings.

Testimonials submitted within a given month will be eligible for that month’s giveaway. In other words, if your testimonial is submitted between November 1 and November 30, you’ll be entered into November’s drawing. Multiple submissions are allowed each month. The more testimonials you submit, the better your odds to win.

Winners will receive their prize in their next paycheck, prorated to equal a full $50 after taxes. Past winners may enter future drawings for another chance to win in 2023.

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Save on DIA parking: Spend your money on your trip, not on your parking spot.

All University of Colorado faculty and staff can take advantage of parking discounts near Denver International Airport. Vendors provide baggage assistance and shuttle service from their lot to the airport, with options for valet, covered and open air parking. Plus, several vendors offer incentives to earn free parking days.

All operate 24/7, 365 days a year. Parking availability is guaranteed; advanced reservations are available but not required.

Vendors include:

  • Canopy Parking
  • Fine Airport Parking
  • ParkDIA
  • The Parking Spot
  • USAirport Parking
  • WallyPark

Use the PSC's DIA Parking webpage to select your service and access CU's discounted parking rates, with up to 45% off DIA Parking.


Get Paid to Move.

Download the Move. app on your smartphone, tablet, or fitness-tracking device and earn an extra $25 a month for being active!

The Move. app records activity stats like calories burned, heart rate, steps-per-day and more through your phone, tablet or fitness tracking device.

Log 30 minutes of activity or 10,000 steps 12 days a month, and you will receive $25 a month added quarterly to your paycheck.

These logged workouts will not count toward the incentive unless your medical insurance enrollment is processed by your Human Resources department. You must be a CU Health Plan member to use Move.