Published: June 20, 2023

Staff Council is excited to announce the winners of the 2023-2024 CU Boulder Staff Council elections, as well as announce our new officers. We are deeply grateful to all the candidates willing to take the time and make the effort to be involved!

If you were not elected, or were unable to run but are still interested in volunteering your time to Staff Council, we encourage you to contact Staff Council directly. Any CU staff member can participate, and can benefit from networking opportunities, event volunteering, and professional development through committee work. No prior experience or specific time commitments required. 

    Elected Representatives

    The following representatives were elected by popular vote during our election cycle by you, the CU Boulder staff. In the event that the top elected candidate is unwilling/unable to fulfill their duties, a runner-up (if available) is named in their place. 


    Staff members elected by popular vote to represent a specific "area" of campus. If you are unsure what area your position is covered by, visit our Area Breakdowns page, or our Find Your Representative page

    • Area 1, Lauren Way
    • Area 2, Natalia Johnston
    • Area 3, Sean Owens and Jim Mazzouccolo (2-Year Term)
    • Area 4, Mark Palacio
    • Area 5, Vanessa Luna and Madison Lane (1-Year Term)
    • Area 6, Susan Nasher and Katherine Lenkart ( 2 -Year Term)
    • Area 7, Nikki Hutchinson and Maggie Mucci (1-Year Term)
    • Area 8, Jan Owens
    • Area 9, Yasmine Ortuno

    Elected At-Large

    Staff members elected by popular vote to serve the entire CU Boulder system, rather than a specific area. 

    • Ysatiz Pinero
    • Leah McDaniel Parvez
    • Christopher Mellott
    • Meagan Combs

    Appointed Representatives (At-Large)

    Staff members appointed by the Staff Council Elections committee to serve as representatives for a 1-year term. These include former elected representatives as well as those who were runner-ups in their elections for specific areas. 

    • Andrew Alexander
    • Clara Smith
    • Devon Johnson
    • Kathy Stutzman
    • Lori Wichhart
    • Nick Aniol


    Officers are nominated and elected by CU Boulder Staff Council representatives after the general elections are complete. The majority of these positions are 1-year terms. 


    • Karrie Pitzer
    • Mike Williamson
    • Esther Horowitz

    Co Vice-Chairs

    • Leah McDaniel Parvez
    • Jessican Sandoval


    • Claudia Numan


    • Cameron Brooks

    UCSC Elected Delegates

    • Jan Owens
    • Grace Maniscalco
    • Cameron Brooks