Published: June 1, 2021

The candidates made their cases and staff cast their ballots. The Elections Committee verified the outcomes and presented them to the full Council for a vote of approval. The results are now official. Staff Council is proud to announce the winners for each of the open positions for the 2021-2022 CU Boulder Staff Council term. Their terms begin on July 1, 2021. 

Elected 3 Year Term Representatives, Area Specific

  • Area I, Jordan Grindeland
  • Area II, Grace Maniscalco
  • Area III, Donna Hamm Reilly 
  • Area IV, Claudia Acosta 
  • Area V, Blake Trujillo
  • Area VI, Ellie Spain
  • Area VII, Michael Reynoso
  • Area VIII, Shelby Javernick 
  • Area IX, Sarah Seibold 
  • At-Large, Andres Schemel
  • At-Large, De’Ron Jasper
  • At-Large, Esther Maria Horowitz
  • At-Large, Karrie Pitzer

Appointed 1 Year Term Representatives, At Large

  • Aimee Santistevan
  • Alan Slinkard
  • Angela Gorbold
  • Bradley Albus
  • Cameron Najera
  • Crystal Cyr
  • Dan Steinke
  • Ian King
  • Jennifer Spears
  • Kelly Donohue
  • Kelsey Draper
  • Vanessa Luna

Appointed 1 Year Term Representatives, Area Specific

  • Area II, Dynae Trone
  • Area II, Hannah Juliff

There were a record number of candidates running for Staff Council this year - over 100 nominations and 37 unique candidates! On behalf of the entire Council, we would like to thank everyone who took the time to vote. It is primarily through the process of representation that your fellow staff can advocate for you, and voting is key to that process. 

We are deeply grateful to all the candidates willing to take the time and make the effort to be involved! If you were not elected there are still powerful ways you can contribute your positive energy to the staff of CU Boulder. All Staff Council committees are open for any staff member to join. When vacancies arise due to new job assignments, the Council is tasked with appointing new representatives. Staff who choose to join committees become part of the pool from which new representatives, with full voting privileges, are chosen.

Spend some time at the standing committee's page and see all the ways you can be involved.