Published: Jan. 11, 2021

Last November, Staff Council members voted to create the new Inclusive Practices for Blood Donations (IPBD) Committee. The committee aims to make donating blood at CU more welcoming to people of all identities. Currently a special committee, its term will end in June unless extended or made permanent.

While CU Boulder has been a leader in blood donations, not everyone is allowed to participate. The Food & Drug Administration (FDA) prohibits the donation of blood from any man who has had sex with another man in the past three months, regardless of the situation (e.g. monogamous males in a relationship or sex with safety precautions including condoms & medicines). This categorical ban on men who have sex with men, or MSM, is based on the risk assessment of the group, not on the potential risk practices of the individual, which is discrimination. This committee will push for blood donation regulations that screen all individuals for risk behaviors regardless of their sex, gender, and/or sexual orientation.

Despite the discriminatory FDA ban, everyone can give back to the community in other ways. The IPBD Committee aims to promote and support other opportunities offered by the Blood Drive Committee, such as food, shoe, and coat drives. Of course, everyone can give their time by volunteering at blood drives.

The IPBD Committee meets the first Friday of each month, 10am-11am. You’re welcome to join by emailing