Published: Aug. 10, 2020

CU Boulder Staff Council would like to thank all who participated in the Open Forum with campus leadership.

If you were unable to attend, the event was recorded and can be viewed at the following link*: 

*Please be aware, CU credentials are required to view this recording. 

Staff Council and campus leadership would also like to provide some follow up information to a specific question that was asked during the forum:

Given we’re all required to wear masks on campus, what is CU doing to prevent and/or ensure all employees (including student staff) do not engage in racial profiling?

Student and Staff Member interactingAfter reviewing the response, Staff Council connected with campus leadership to provide additional context and engage in a conversation regarding racial profiling experienced by various communities on campus. This can include the use of face masks and how it can inhibit non-verbal communication (such as smiling) to navigate situations where racial profiling exists. 

Staff Council and campus leadership would like to reiterate the importance of safety measures such as mask wearing in preventing the harmful impacts of COVID-19. We are dedicated to protecting the herd

All parties involved in these discussions agreed to actionable items specific to this concern. In addition to existing efforts, there will be ongoing conversations regarding bias, working to incorporate new messaging specific to this concern in future campus communications, and including language crafted with Human Resources below:

CU is devoted to broadening awareness of Bias occurring on campus. And while we are committed to safety measures such as mask wearing to Protect Our Herd, we wish to acknowledge that many persons of color have been taught to express non-threatening signals through facial expressions (like smiling) to safely navigate the world in situations of profiling of any kind. We encourage all CU community members to educate yourself regarding bias, and strive to lead all interactions with kindness and good will.
-Inclusive Excellence, Boulder Campus Staff Council