Published: Jan. 17, 2020

LinkedIn LearningIn 2017 Senior Vice Chancellor Kelly Fox charged a task force to survey 300 front line employees to determine ways CU staff can be more supported and connected to the CU community.  While it’s no surprise that compensation was the number one upgrade sought by staff, career development was the second most popular choice.

CU leadership’s commitment to employee career development includes investing financial resources in a myriad of opportunities that include classroom training, seminars, the staff tuition benefit, and most recently, the upgraded LinkedIn Learning online platform.  LinkedIn Learning’s mission is to bridge the gap between the career you want and the skills you need.

LinkedIn Learning is a powerful workforce-aligned tool available at no cost to every CU student, staff and faculty.   From courses on basic computer skills to preparation for professional certification exams and earning continuing education units, LinkedIn Learning offers something for everyone.  For supervisors, LinkedIn Learning provides the opportunity for goal-setting while assigning workers specific learning content to improve  job skills.

Individuals who choose to connect their personal LinkedIn account have the option to share badges they earn within their professional LinkedIn community, or they can choose to keep their use private. LinkedIn does not give CU access to information related to private activity on your personal LinkedIn account, such as your connections, your private messages or any job-search activity.  You are in complete control of what learning activity is shared with your network. You do not have to link your personal LinkedIn account in order to access LinkedIn Learning.

You can access LinkedIn Learning by clicking here or directly through your MyCUInfo portal.  All employees are encouraged to browse through its features, and begin to take advantage of all the available opportunities.