Spanish and Portuguese Language and Culture Track Requirements

Note that prerequisites for the program include sufficient Spanish knowledge to be admitted to 3000-level courses and sufficient knowledge of Portuguese to be admitted to 2000-level courses.

Not every course listed is offered each semester. Please click here for current semester course offerings.

Course List
Code Title Credit Hours
Required Courses  
PORT 2110 Second-Year Portuguese 1 3
or PORT 2350 Portuguese for Romance Language Speakers
PORT 2120 Second-Year Portuguese 2 (or SPAN/PORT upper-division) 3
PORT 3003 Advanced Portuguese Language Skills 3
or PORT 3220 Latin American Culture: Spanish America and Brazil
or PORT 3230 Transatlantic Relations in the Portuguese Speaking World
4000-level PORT course 3
Required Spanish Language and Literature Courses  
SPAN 3000 Advanced Spanish Language Skills 5
SPAN 3100 Literary and Cultural Analysis in Spanish 3
SPAN 3010 Advanced Rhetoric and Composition 3
or SPAN 3120 Advanced Spanish Grammar
Hispanic Linguistic Requirement 3

Choose one of the following:


SPAN 3050

Spanish Phonology and Phonetics  

or SPAN 3150

Linguistic Analysis of Spanish

or SPAN 4430

Special Topics in Hispanic Linguistics

or SPAN 4450

Introduction to Hispanic Linguistics
Spanish Literature and Culture Course 3

SPAN 4150

Major Works and Trends in Literature and Culture in Spain Up to 1700  

or SPAN 4160

Major Works and Trends in Literature and Culture in Spain: 1700-Present
Latin American Literature and Culture Course 3

SPAN 4170

Major Works/Trends in Literature and Culture in Latin America Up to the 19th Century  

or SPAN 4180

Major Works and Trends in Literature and Culture in Latin America: 1900-Present
SPAN or PORT Elective. Upper division (3xxx/4xxx) SPAN or PORT literature, culture and/or language. 3
Total Credit Hours 35

NOTE: Directly-related courses outside of the department, such as ANTH 4730, may replace 3 hours of Spanish or Portuguese elective credits. These courses must be pre-approved by the department.

Native speakers of Portuguese, and in general, all students whose Portuguese skills are beyond the PORT 2120 level, are not required to take Portuguese lower-division courses. However, students have to make up these credit hours by taking 6 hours of upper-division SPAN or PORT courses or any related courses outside the department. Related courses must be approved by the department.