The Department of Spanish and Portuguese offers the following degrees and programs in Portuguese: 

Portuguese Minor 


Double-Track Major in Spanish and Portuguese 

Global Seminar in Lisbon (Global Diversity Requirement. Taught in English) 

M.A. in Spanish and Portuguese Studies 


Global Seminar in Portugal (Global Diversity Requirement) 

This course is designed to immerse the students in a narrative built around the city (historically as a metropolis, nowadays as a global hub). The starting point will be the fundamental role of the city in the Age of Discovery, and the reconstruction process after the earthquake of 1755. Then, the students will explore contemporary Lisbon and its physiology, focusing on its culturally diverse neighborhoods. Classes will include field trips to emblematic buildings, monuments and museums, as well as to businesses in the surrounding areas. The students will be in close contact with members of social and cultural organizations, community leaders, and business developers. They will participate in workshops on culinary, music and street art, particularly graffiti, and start-ups (Lisbon has been hosting the Web Summit since 2017).   

Students will have the opportunity to deeply experience the city of Lisbon, the capital of Portugal and visit businesses in other regions of the country. One of the oldest cities in the world, and the second-oldest European capital city, Lisbon is recognized as a global hub for its prominence in art, literature, architecture and design, technological development, finance, and international trade. Known for its cosmopolitanism and cultural diversity since the Age of Discovery, Lisbon will be the center of our exploration of how multicultural heritage has created new social, economic and cultural dynamics that have molded the status of the city as a singular destination to visit. 

Taught in English    

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Why Have a Minor in Portuguese?

With a minor in Portuguese, you can go to the most exciting corners of the world! 

Students’ testimonials: 

- “Some of my best friendships and professional opportunities in college were possible only because I chose to study Portuguese. Speaking Portuguese will bring a world of spectacular people and excitement into your life.” 

- “Knowing Portuguese and having that down on a resume sets you apart from other candidates. Many employers are looking for diversity and need different skills that will contribute to the job.” 

- “Because it's sincerely a fun language to learn; Brazilian boys (or girls) are the best; Portuguese-speaking community here in Boulder is awesome; I can travel to Portuguese-speaking countries spread out on 4 continents! Better question: Why not?” 

- “After being in the Portuguese minor for a couple years now, I have greatly enjoyed the community it brings (on campus & in Boulder) and learning about the culture and story behind the language.” 

-“You get expose to the culture of Portuguese-speaking countries (which are more than Brazil and Portugal!); you learn in depth about their traditions, history, music, literature and art styles; Portuguese classes are never monotonous; Brazil is a complex economy and thus learning Portuguese is becoming very handy; learning a language makes you smarter.” 

- "CU's Portuguese teachers are extremely passionate about what they do.  They create a warm learning atmosphere where students are excited to engage in learning. They are very approachable and have high FCQ scores. Students love working with Professors Tania Martuscelli and Marcelo Schincariol! My whole week is better when I know I'm going to Portuguese!" 


A Minor in Portuguese makes a major difference! 



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