Students are required to either take PORT 2350 in their first semester of study (or place in upper Portuguese language level) if they do not speak Portuguese or take SPAN 1150 or SPAN 2150, in case they are not proficient in Spanish. Graduate students in this subplan are required to have Portuguese as the main area for their MA comprehensive exams. MA Students are required to take 31 hours of graduate coursework, of which 25 hours must be taken within the department.


Required courses for the MA in Spanish & Portuguese Studies: 

1. SPAN 5130 Seminar: Critical Approaches to Iberian & Latin American Literatures and Cultures (3 credit hours)

2. SPAN 4980 Methods Language Learn/Pedagogy (1 cred. hour, offered in the Fall)

3. 1 Hispanic Linguistics course (3 credits)

4. 6 graduate-level Spanish & Portuguese literature courses in the Department of Spanish and Portuguese (18 cred. hours)

5. Additional 2 graduate courses offered inside or outside the Department (6 credit hours)




Apply now!  (Deadline is December 1st 2024 if you are applying as international student, December 15 2024, if you are applying as national)