Dr. Rachael Baidu
Assistant Professor

Room C376

Dr. Baiduc is a hearing scientist with expertise in public health. She is the director of the HEARD laboratory (Hearing Epidemiology and Research Diagnostics). Her primary research interest is exploring risk factors for age-related hearing loss (presbycusis), especially risk factors related to cardiovascular disease. She is particularly interested in the association between hearing outcomes and these risk factors factors, both in isolation and in combination. Risk factors including tobacco smoking, hypertension, high cholesterol, diabetes, and marijuana use are currently being evaluated by her research team.

Professor Baiduc performs translational laboratory-based research on the effects of cardiovascular disease risk factors using behavioral and physiological tests of the auditory system. Current projects utilize otoacoustic emission, auditory brainstem response, and electrocochlegraphy testing.

Professor Baiduc also conducts epidemiological research using supervised machine learning approaches to explore the effects of combinations of cardiovascular disease risk factors on hearing loss across the lifespan. She is a member of the Colorado Clinical &Translational Sciences Institute (CTSI). She teaches courses for the undergraduate and graduate (AuD) programs. She earned her MPH and PhD from Northwestern University.