Julie Breidenstein

Clinic Assistant to Operations
Julie has worked at CU Boulder since February of 2019. She works on the clinic side of SLHS as the Clinic Assistant to Operations. Julie schedules clients from the community to come in for speech services so that the MA-SLP students can gain clinical hours required by ASHA. She manages billing, maintains HIPAA standards, tracks inventory and helps the clinic run smoothly during each semester.
Photo of Jack Damico

Jack Damico

Professor • Chair
Dr. Damico is a clinical linguist and a speech-language pathologist with a master’s degree in communicative disorders and a PhD in linguistics. With over 12 years of clinical experience as a speech-language pathologist in the public schools, medical settings and in private practice, his research focuses on the authentic implications for individuals with atypical language and communication skills and on the development of clinical applications to assist in overcoming communicative...
Tammy Fredrickson

Tammy Fredrickson

Clinical Associate Professor • Director of Audiology Education
Dr. Fredrickson works with AuD students both as a clinical supervisor at the University of Colorado Hospital Department of Hearing and Balance and as Director of Audiological Services. As Director of Audiological Services, she coordinates practicum experiences for audiology graduate students and ensures that the AuD program continues to meet the high standards of accreditation. She received her BS (1996) and MS (1998) from the University of Wisconsin Stevens Point...
Alison Lemke

Alison Lemke

Clinical Associate Professor • Director of Speech-Language Pathology Education
Alison Lemke is the Director of Speech-Language Pathology Education at the University of Colorado Department of Speech, Language, and Hearing Science. She coordinates clinical placements for graduate student speech-language pathologists in the CU Clinic and in the community, and also provides clinical education to graduate students in the area of adult acquired neurologic communication disorders. She has more than 30 years of experience working with people who have communication disorders...
Photo of Pramila Patel

Pramila Patel

Program Assitant
Pramila Patel joined the SLHS department in January of 2019. She assists the program with academic scheduling and many other aspects of daily operations to ensure the program runs smoothly. Prior to this Pramila was the ICT Accessibility Program Manager for the Office of Information Technology (OIT) where she ensured that students, faculty, and staff who use assistive technologies had access to the necessary digital assets needed to meet their...
Ryan Pollard

Ryan Pollard

Clinical Assistant Professor • Coordinator of Undergraduate Studies
Dr. Pollard’s main areas of interest are fluency disorders, counseling, and neuroscience. He teaches several undergraduate courses within the Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences department, as well as graduate courses in fluency disorders and clinical counseling. As a clinical faculty member, he supervises individual therapy sessions in the areas of fluency and other speech disorders, and the adult Stuttering Support and Practice Group. He also co-directs the Colorado Speaks summer...
Alex Roberts Photo

Alexandra Roberts

Graduate Program Manager
Alexandra has been part of the CU Boulder community since 2008, first as an undergraduate student and then as an employee. She worked in the Office of Admissions before joining the SLHS department in 2018. As the Graduate Program Manager, she works with faculty and students on admissions, registration for classes, maintenance of student records, coordination of forms for graduation, and appointments to the Graduate Faculty.
Raul San Agustin

Raul San Agustin

Business Manager
Raul provides office support for the department by carrying out tasks relating to the application process; communicating and interpreting departmental and campus graduate regulations to current graduate students, staff, and faculty; describing the graduate program to prospective students; creating spreadsheets and other data sheets to assist the graduate committees in the selection and recruitment of graduate students; and maintaining documentation files as requested by state and federal agencies.
Brenda Schick picture

Brenda Schick

Professor • Associate Chair
Dr. Schick studies the development of signed and spoken languages as well as its relationship to cognition in deaf children. Her recent work has focused on the development of a Theory of Mind in deaf children and how it relates to language skills. Her work, with colleagues, shows that complex language skills are essential for the development of skills in social cogntiion. Currently, with colleagues from the University of Washington,...
Allison Sedey Headshot

Allison Sedey

Research Associate • Undergraduate Advisor
Allison holds dual certification from the American Speech, Language, and Hearing Association (ASHA) as both a speech pathologist and audiologist. She has a wide range of clinical experience having worked in hospitals, schools, and clinics with both adults and children with a variety of communication disorders. The two groups she has worked with most extensively are children with hearing loss and children with Down syndrome. She currently coordinates several research...
Shelley Sheppeck

Shelley Sheppeck

Director of Clinical Operations
LJ Werner picture

LJ Werner

Clinical Scholar in Residence • Director and ECSE Teacher of CLC