Tina Meyers Picture
Assistant Professor

Office: SLHS C358

Dr. Meyers-Denman’s areas of teaching and research expertise are in child language development, disorders, and intervention.  She joined the CU-Boulder faculty as an assistant professor in 2015 after earning an M.S. and Ph.D. in Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences at the University of Arizona and working clinically in California and Arizona. 

Dr. Meyers-Denman teaches undergraduate and graduate courses in SLHS, including Language Development and Communication Challenges in Children Birth to Six.

As an ASHA-certified speech-language pathologist, she bridges clinical experience and research.  Dr. Meyers-Denman directs the iTOYS Lab (Improving Treatment Outcomes for Young Speakers) and leads projects designed to improve the efficacy and efficiency of intervention provided by speech-language pathologists, parent-implemented interventions, and language assessment procedures for bilingual children.  Her research involves children with typical development, toddlers who are late to talk (“late talkers”), children with developmental language disorder including specific language impairment (SLI), bilingual children with typical and atypical communication skills, and the families of children who struggle with communication development.

Curriculum Vita