Barbara Bell-Lehmkuhler

Barbara Bell, Au.D. is a clinical audiologist at the UCHealth Hearing and Balance Center. Barbara provides a variety of clinical services mainly in the area of adult hearing and balance assessment and adult rehabilitation.

Dr. Bell received her B.A. from University of California at Santa Barbara in 1983, her M.A. from University of Northern Colorado in 1985, and her Au.D. from Central Michigan University in 2007.  She is a member of the American Audiology Association, American Auditory Society, and the American Speech Language Hearing Association

Dr. Bell has published and presented on a variety of topics over the years. She has always been fascinated by the process of fitting a hearing aid, using probe microphones to collect objective data about the performance of a certain hearing aid while it is in a patient's ear. She appreciates the challenges of transferring a hearing aid's performance from a rigid laboratory setting to a patient's ear and looking for what she refers to as the human link. She is also very interested in outcomes.

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