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Facility summary

  • Location: E1B51 Jennie Smoly Caruthers Biotech (JSCBB)
  • Technology focus: Soft materials (polymers, gels, liquid crystals)
    • Open to: CU Boulder and external/industry use

    The Polymeric and Optical Materials Characterization (POM-C) Shared Facility is housed in Prof. Tim White’s laboratories at the University of Colorado. The facility specializes in material characterization of polymers, hydrogels, liquid crystals, and composites.

    Instrumentation available:

    • Tensile and compressive mechanical testing with broad range environmental control (RSA-G2, TA Instruments)
    • Differential scanning calorimetry including in situ photo-cure attachment (DSC 2500, TA Instruments)
    • Transmission and reflection polarizing optical microscope (POM) with liquid nitrogen-controlled environmental control (Nikon Eclipse, Instec)
    • Biomaterials and polymer extrusion 3D printing (Bio-X, Cellink) with sterile environmental control, custom high pressure printhead, and humidified cell incubator
    • Advanced material polarized absorbance (Cary 7000, Agilent) with automated rotational sample mount
    • Attenuated total reflection IR and real time IR with heating and in situ curing (Nicolet iS50)

    Tim White

    Tim White
    Facility Director


    Joselle McCracken

    Joselle McCracken
    Facility Manager