Materials Research X-Ray Diffraction Facility

Facility summary


  • Location: DUANE C232
  • Technology focus: X-ray diffraction​
  • Diffractometer features:
    • X-ray source: 30W Genix 3D X-ray generator ​
      (Cu anode, wavelength = 1.54Å)​
      Multilayer monochromator, evacuated flight tubes
    • Sample temperature control from -50 to 200ºC
    • Dectris Eiger R 1M area detector 
  • Software: spec, ImageJ/Fiji, Igor; Linux OS
  • Open to: CU Boulder, occasional external/industry use

The Materials Research XRD Facility provides cutting-edge capabilities for probing the structures of materials such as polymers, biological macromolecules, meso- and nano-porous materials, and molecular self-assemblies with length scales in the range 2Å–1000Å using conventional and grazing-incidence SAXS and WAXS. This Forvis instrument is built on a 20' optical table with a sliding-door radiation enclosure. The X-ray generator is a microfocus, sealed-tube source and the incident beam is collimated using multilayer mirrors and motorized, scatter-free slits. The temperature-controlled sample stage allows manual or motorized control of sample rotation, translation (X-Y-Z) and tilt. 

Joe Maclennan

Joe Maclennan
Facility Director



Viki Martinez

Viki Martinez 
Lab Manager