Light Microscopy Core Facility

Facility summary


  • Location: Porter Biosciences B047, 049, 051
  • Technology focus: Optical microscopy
  • Microscope equipment summary: Widefield, Confocal (laser scanning and spinning ​disk), Super-Resolution (structured illumination), Multiphoton Intravital Imaging, Color Histology, Live and fixed samples, Low-Medium throughput Screening, Time-lapse, Montaging, FRET, TIRF, FRAP, SHG, help with CLEM and more
  • Analytical tools summary: ImageJ/Fiji, MatLab, Imaris, CellSens, NIS-Elements, SlideBook, CellProfiler, ICY​
  • Open to: CU Boulder, external academia, commercial


The Light Microscopy Core Facility (LMCF), founded in 2011, is housed in the Department of Molecular, Cellular, & Developmental Biology located in Porter Biosciences. We are open access and serve CU Boulder, academia and the biotech industry. We house 8 different imaging systems that allow researchers to observe wide-ranging samples from the microscopic to macroscopic scale, including ⏤ cells, tissues, organoids, embryos, and materials.

Our vision is to advance the academic and scientific mission of the university and to educate users in microscopy and image analysis. We feel it is critical to provide advice on experimental design and trouble shooting, and to help develop novel approaches and data analysis methods. We will work with you! Google: “CU LMCF”​

James Orth

James D. Orth, PhD.