Green Labs Shared Ultra-Low Temperature Freezers

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  • Department/Institute: CU Boulder Green Labs Program 
  • Location: Ramaley, Porter, JSCBB and Wilderness
  • Technology focus: 5 shared ULT freezers
  • Number of users/groups/departments supported per year
    • Users: ~75–150        
    • Groups: 25
    • Departments: 9
    • Local companies: 5
  • Funding model: Rental fee ($0.25/month for 2 inch box)
  • User base: CU Boulder researchers and local companies 

The Green Labs Shared Ultra-Low Temperature Freezers facility provides campus researchers (and local companies) with cost-effective access to energy-efficient ULT freezers while minimizing unnecessary duplication of ULT freezers resources on campus through sharing.  

Biggest challenges:

  • The need for dedicated staff to manage/maintain these resources, ensure good inventorying of user samples and respond to alarms when there is a problem.   
  • Floor space where a freezer can be placed when expanding the program.

Kathy Aguilar

Kathryn Ramirez-Aguilar PhD
CU Boulder Green Labs Program Manager

Leoncio LagardeLeoncio Lagarde
CU Green Labs Assistant and Outreach Coordinator