Facility for Electron Microscopy of Materials (FEMM)

Facility summary

 303-735-0352  sadegh.yazdi@colorado.edu  Website

  • Location: SEEL 165-167
  • Technology focus: Transmission Electron Microscopy
  • Available techniques / equipment summary: TEM, STEM, EDS mapping, NBED, Electron Tomography, Electron Holography, Lorentz Microscopy, Differential Phase Contrast (DPC), Low kV imaging, more  
  • Open to: CU Boulder and external users nationwide

The CU Facility for Electron Microscopy of Materials (CU FEMM) is an open access user facility that serves the entire CU Boulder campus and is also open to external users nationwide. The facility features state-of-the-art transmission electron microscopes housed in a vibration, static-free, and temperature-controlled environment. Designed to ensure the highest resolution possible, this uniquely constructed and renovated facility enables the study of structure and chemistry at the atomic scale by isolating instruments from thermal, vibration, and electromagnetic interference. CU FEMM’s instruments, specifically the Thermo Fisher Titan Themis 300, is equipped for probe aberration correction, making it a unique instrument within the region for obtaining atomic-resolution images and elemental maps.

Sadegh Yazdi

Prof. Sadegh Yazdi

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