The 2023 Core Facility Assistance Grant program resulted in 10 new grants with over $200K awarded to CU Boulder faculty across disciplines.

Project Title PI Name Core Facility Unit a F-A-I-R compliant data and analysis infrastructure Marie Banich INC Institute of Cognitive Science
Expanded emission filters for the PE Opera Phenix Joseph Dragavon ALMC BioFrontiers
Acquisition of four new high-speed rotors essential for 4 core facilities (SIP, BioX, BioKem, CAL) Annette Erbse SIP, BioX, BioKEM, CAL Biochemistry
Audiovisual setup for MIMIC Adrian Gestos MIMIC Mechanical Engineering
Thin-film measurement and characterization system Aju Jugessor COSINC CEAS
Software and hardware upgrade for NMR spectroscopy instruments microscope functionality Bimala Lama NMR Chemistry
Improving user experience and reducing operating costs with updated software, computer, backup power, and sample capacity Ashley Maloney Earth Stable Isotope Lab Geological Sciences
Acquiring an inverted, fluorescent microscope for use by the Biochemistry Cell Culture Facility and Flow Cytometry Shared Facility Theresa Nahreini Cell Culture Facility and Flow Cyometry Shared Facility Biochemistry
Advanced macro-zoom microscopy for cross-disciplinary research James Orth LMC MCDB
Meeting researcher needs for sustainable cold storage: purchasing an additional freezer for CU Green Labs Shared ULT Freezers Kathy Ramirez Green Labs CU Boulder