The 2022 Core Facility Assistance Grant program resulted in 10 new grants with approximately $107K being awarded to CU Boulder faculty across disciplines.

Project Title PI Name Organization
Request to cost-share a renewal and upgrade of the JEOL Inc. service contract for the JEOL 8230 Aaron Bell CU Boulder
New 20x Long Working Distance Water Immersion Objective Joseph Dragavon CU Boulder
Resist spinner coaters for thin-film coatings in COSINC cleanroom Aju Jugessur COSINC
Polarization Maintaining (PM) Fusion Fiber Splicer Beth Kroger JILA
Improving research infrastructure and safety through the purchase of two general use incubators for Biochemistry Cell Culture Facility Theresa Nahreini CU Boulder
Upgrading instrumentation in the Flow Cytometry Shared Facility in JSCBB with a high-throughput sampler Theresa Nahreini CU Boulder
Software for Beckman Coulter particle analyzer and BioTek plate reader, and PM Dustin Quandt CU Boulder
Expanding the capabilities of the Shared Instruments Pool in Biochemistry through purchase of a multi-well plate reader Aaron Whiteley CU Boulder
Recommissioning a low-temperature ultra high vacuum scanning tunneling microscope for characterizing surface structures with atomic resolution Sadegh Yazdi CU Boulder