The 2021 Core Facility Assistance Grant program resulted in 11 new grants with approximately $119K awarded to CU Boulder faculty across disciplines.

Project Title PI Name Core Facility Unit
PC replacement and software upgrade for JEOL 8230 Electron Microprobe Aaron Bell Electron Microprobe Lab Geological Sciences
New computer for Nikon A1R Laser Scanning Confocal to increase microscope functionality Joseph Dragavon ALMC BioFrontiers
Workstation for X-ray micro CT image analysis Adrian Gestos MIMIC Mechanical Engineering
Enhancing imaging quality on scanning and transmission electron microscopes within the CU, Shared Research Facilities Aju Jugessur COSINC CEAS
Essential parts replacement for the COSINC photolithography system (OAI J500) Aju Jugessur COSINC CEAS
Acquisition of two critical instruments to extend the service capabilities of CAL Thomas Lee Central Analytical Lab Biochemistry
Improving infrastructure benefiting campus-wide research through the purchase of two Windows 10/Diva 9 workstation upgrades in the Flow Cytometry Shared Facility in JSCBB Xuedong Liu Flow Cytometry Shared Facility Biochemistry
Research infrastructure upgrades to improve safety, accessibility and reliability of the Materials Research X-ray Diffraction Facility Joseph Maclennan Materials X-Ray Diffraction Physics
Upgrading instrumentation to improve research infrastructure and safety through purchase of an inverted phase contrast microscope for the Biochemistry Cell Culture Facility Theresa Nahreini Cell Culture Facility Biochemistry
Modernization of Widefield Microscopy for Increased Efficiency and Productivity James Orth Raman Microspectroscopy Laboratory MCDB
Acquisition of a multi-functional specimen holder for studying advanced nano-materials under biasing, heating and cryogenic conditions in-situ in TEM Sadegh Yazdi CUFEMM RASEI