Join representatives from Core Facilities across the CU Boulder campus, as well as colleagues from Industry, for our showcase event highlighting CU Boulder's Core Facilities alongside representatives from Local Industry that work with our Cores! Open to those within and outside of the CU Boulder community, this event will connect you with the equipment, instrumentation and services to help you achieve your research goals, as well as local industry for future employment opportunities!  Refreshments will be provided! Please register by Monday, June 17th, for the 2024 CU Boulder Core Facilities Open House.

  • Who: Anyone interested in using CU Boulder Core Facilities within academia, industry and beyond!
  • When: Thursday, June 20, 2024, 10 a.m.-1 p.m. MT
  • Where: Sustainability, Energy and Environment Community (SEEC) C120, 4001 Discovery Dr, Boulder, CO 80303
  • Why?
    • Cores facilitate scientific discovery while increasing rigor and reproducibility.
    • Equipment sharing through cores advances efficiency and sustainability in research as well as inclusive and equitable access to resources. 
    • Strengthening our relationships with local industry increases our impact on the regional scientific community.

We encourage attendees to use public transportation options as parking is limited.

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