BioKEM Facility

Facility summary

 303-735-1258  Website

  • Location: SEEL 171
  • Technology focus: Cryo Electron Microscopy
  • Microscope equipment summary: Titan Krios Cryo 300Kv Electron Microscope; Gatan K3 Direct Detection Camera
  • Open to: CU Boulder, occasional external/industry use

The BioChemistry Krios Electron Microscopy Facility (BioKEM), part of CU Boulder's biochemistry department, offers single particle cryo-EM and cryo tomography of plunge-frozen samples. Using a Titan Krios G3i (funded by HHMI) for high resolution data collection on a Gatan K3 Direct Detection Camera, the BioKEM facility is able to offer high-end data collection at atomic level resolution. The BioKEM facility uses Serial EM for SPA and cryo-ET data acquisition.

Chuck Moe

Chuck Moe