Biochemistry Cell Culture Facility

Facility summary


  • Location: JSCBB C370​
  • Technology focus: Cell culture
  • Equipment: 13 biosafety cabinets​, 18 carbon dioxide incubators, hypoxic,​ viral, insect and large-scale capabilities 
  • Services: Mycoplasma and FBS testing,​ training for new users​
  • Open to: Department of Biochemistry researchers

The Biochemistry Cell Culture Facility provides investigators within the Department a shared environment where researchers can advance discovery in diverse areas such as cancer biology, drug discovery, nanomaterial analysis and basic life science. We provide new users with training and offer mycoplasma and FBS testing. In-house preparation of media saves thousands of dollars annually and assistance with optimization of culturing and experimental design  results in reproducibility. We look forward to helping you with your research needs.​

Theresa Nahreini​

Theresa Nahreini​



Nicole Kethley​

Nicole Kethley​​