The CU Science Education Initiative is…

a university-supported, 5-year, $5M project to improve how we teach science to all undergraduate students, slated to complete in 2013.

On this site you will find some key deliverables from the project:

Promoting effective learning through education research


The SEI focuses on:

1) supporting faculty to approach the teaching of science as a science, that is to:

  • Identify difficulties in and develop an understanding of student learning by using or developing research-based tools/techniques to monitor student learning.

  • Use instructional approaches guided by research on learning and measures of student learning.

  • Develop and utilize beneficial educational technology.

  • Archive and disseminate proven methods and materials.

2) supporting institutional change through departmentally-driven efforts to achieve sustained improvements in their students' learning.


The CU Science Education Initiative is part of a partnership with the Carl Wieman Science Education Inititative (CW-SEI) at the University of British Columbia CU and UBC actively collaborate on their efforts to improve science education on college campuses. Visit CW-SEI at UBC.