Does this impact my financial aid?

Review your specific scholarship requirements. If you are suspended or expelled your financial aid will be impacted.

If I already went to court do I still have to meet with you?

Yes, the university has a separate resolution process. In your meeting, a resolution specialist will determine whether or not you violated university policy, and if you did, work to align outcomes as much as possible. Furthermore, a resolution specialist can help connect you to campus resources.

Since I met with you, do I still have to go to court?

Yes! Our process is separate from court, and you definitely want to show up for your court date.

I can’t finish my outcome by the assigned deadline, what do I do?

Email Student Conduct & Conflict Resolution at and we can see if you are eligible for an extension with proof of progress in completing your outcome. Extensions are only granted once.

How do I sign up for my educational outcome?

The process for signing up for an educational outcome is outlined in your letter, but you can also get more information about sanctions on our website.

Will my coach find out about this incident?

If you participate in a NCAA sanctioned athletic team your coach will likely find out about this incident. We encourage you to talk to them so they can hear from you rather than another source. If you are not on a NCAA sanctioned team your coach will likely not find out about this incident from our office.  

Will my student employer find out about this incident?

Check your job description to see if there is a clause about a disciplinary record. Any on-campus employer can request a disciplinary background check for their employees.

Will my club/organization find out about the incident?

We do not notify clubs or organizations about conduct incidents, but we recommend you think about how this incident could impact your club or organization if they were to find out about it. In the case of students running for office in CUSG, disciplinary records may be released if you were ever placed on loss of standing, suspension, or termination of you housing contract. If your club or organization allegedly violates a policy, please refer to the Recognized Student Organizations process in the Student Code of Conduct.

If I violate policy outside of Boulder County does it matter?

Yes, if you violate policy outside of Boulder County we can still be notified, from either another academic institution or police. If notified, our office has a duty to review the case and follow the same process we would if the case occurred in Boulder County.

Will you tell my parents/guardian about the incident?

Your parent/guardian will get a notice about an incident if you are under 21 and found responsible for an alcohol or drug violation. If you sign a release of information and specify that we can talk to your parent we will, but without a release we can not divulge specific information about your case.

What if I was the one who called for help for my friend? Why am I having a meeting?

We want to meet with all parties involved so we can get a better understanding of an incident. We will consider several factors, including our Amnesty Provision and your involvement in the incident, before determining whether or not to find you responsible for violating a policy.

I got in trouble before, will that impact this case?

It depends on the previous violation, how long between incidents, and the incident that occured. Your resolution specialist can explain more about your specific incidents.

I never talked to anyone at the time and date specified on the letter I received from your office, can I just ignore it?

Sometimes a room is contacted for a policy violation and no one answers the door, in this case we will have the room owners come in and try to determine who may have been in the space. It helps if you can come in and let us know what you were doing at the time of the reported incident.