Success in college classes depends on what you do before, during, and after class. The difference between earning an A instead of a B might be whether you work alone or draw on all the resources available to you: office hours, tutoring and coaching, and studying with your classmates. Research has shown that students who use supplemental instruction like resource rooms and one-on-one sessions earn higher grades in their courses. Whether you are a student who is struggling to understand a concept, just want to practice ideas before an exam, or you are looking for a study group, these services can boost your confidence and help you perform better in your courses.  

Help Labs 

The Student Academic Success Center (SASC) offers one-on-one consultations and group study sessions in mathematics, economics, biology, chemistry, and a number of other subjects. Instructors and advanced undergraduates trained in these subjects are available to answer questions and help you figure out your own best learning strategies. 

We have three spaces dedicated to this work. See the schedules below for hours and subjects. 

Study Hub Schedule