Interested in participating? 

We are always looking for new faces to join the program. While the project is exclusively a for mechanical engineering capstone students, there are ways you can get involved! We have projects available for students interested in working with our team, and we encourage you to visit us in the Baja space in the DIDL to learn more!

If you have any questions, please reach out to us via email at

Interested in sponsoring?

Since we are a self-funded project, sponsorship is the backbone to our success. Sponsors not only provide financial assistance, but they offer invaluable guidance and technical support. Whether your company decides to attend meetings, critique design reviews, or simply supply the right tools for the job, you are with us along every step of the process. Your aid helps build a legacy for the CU Baja program, and invests in the next generation of mechanical engineers.

Sponsorship Perks

Here we have highlighted some of the perks you will receive based on your level of sponsorship.

Gold Perks

Silver Perks

Bronze Perks