The RMRDC Mission

The mission of the Rocky Mountain Research Data Center (RMRDC) is to facilitate  research that requires restricted federal statistical data to investigate economic, population, and health issues of local, regional, and national importance.  Statistical analysis of the data is allowed within the RMRDC secure computing facility only after a project and its investigators have been formally approved. 

Funding and Support

Funding for the RMRDC initially came from a three-year NSF award to the University of Colorado Boulder, and from financial commitments from the RMRDC consortium member research universities on the Front Range of the Rocky Mountains. The lead institution is the University of Colorado Boulder, where the RMRDC is housed at the Institute of Behavioral Science.  Construction costs were covered by a University of Colorado Boulder Provost Infrastructure Grant with matching funds from the RMRDC Consortium. 

Once the startup phase was completed, continued funding comes from the RMRDC Consortium Members through their institutional commitments and through sponsored awards. 

The Role of the U.S. Census Bureau

The RMRDC is one of the newest members of the network of Federal Statistical Research Data Centers (FSRDC), which is directed by the Center for Economic Studies at the U.S. Census Bureau. All data used by approved projects reside on the servers of the FSRDC network, which are managed and secured by the U.S. Bureau of Census. The RMRDC operates through a contract between the University of Colorado Boulder and the U.S Census Bureau. This contract requires the RMRDC to enforce the security guidelines outlined by the Census Bureau and to employ a Census Bureau employee who will counsel researchers on proposal development and ensure that security guidelines are communicated and enforced.