PhotoNameContact Information
James Alleman James Alleman
Professor Emeritus of Technology, Cybersecurity and Policy
Image placeholder Margot Crowe
Director of Development, Boulder Ensemble Theatre • CU Boulder Alumna
Alan Greenberg Alan Greenberg
Professor Emeritus of Mechanical Engineering
Bob Grossman Bob Grossman
Professor of Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences (Retired) • Alternate Chair, Norwood Dark Sky Advocates
Photo of William J emery William J Emery
Professor Emeritus of Aerospace Engineering Science
Dave Kassoy David Kassoy
Professor Emeritus of Mechanical Engineering • Boulder Faculty Assembly (BFA) Liaison
Kim Malville J. McKim (Kim) Malville
Professor Emeritus of Astrophysical and Planetary Sciences
Jerry Peterson Heashot Jerry Peterson
Professor Emeritus of Physics
Stein Sture Stein Sture
Vice Chancellor for Research Emeritus • Huber and Helen Croft Professor of Engineering and Applied Science Emeritus