Published: May 25, 2021

“I really enjoyed the experiment. I feel the warmth of the professors and get along well with my team members. We meet every week, and I look forward to sharing something. That was the happiest thing during the epidemic. We all stick together and do our best to collect syllabi. This semester is really short. If possible, I would like to continue to finish the research, and I am very curious and looking forward to the results of the experiment.” - STUDIO Scholar, Fall 2020


“I enjoyed this experience so much and it made me realize how much I like working with a team. Especially when that team is as passionate and excited to research and learn together! Thank you for everything!” - STUDIO Scholar, Fall 2020


“I just really enjoyed STUDIO this semester, and found it really enriching to connect with the faculty and my peers a little bit more. I'm also grateful that now I have more understanding and experience in social science research.” - STUDIO Scholar, Fall 2020


“I have really enjoyed being a part of STUDIO and being able to continue working with [my research advisor] on his dissertation and other small projects. It has definitely expanded my knowledge of political economy and other topics.” - STUDIO Scholar, Fall 2020


“It was a valuable research experience! Really helped with grad school preparation, too.” - STUDIO Scholar, Fall 2020


“It made me learn that there is much more quantitative methods than I originally thought.'” - STUDIO Scholar, Spring 2020


“I believe that even just being around others who were conducting research gave me a greater idea of how academic research is conducted and the work associated with it. Additionally, the quantitative/qualitative dichotomy was helpful.'' - STUDIO Scholar, Spring 2020


``It was super fun!'' -  STUDIO Scholar, Spring 2020


“This summer research helped me a lot in understanding the actual process of social science research. When you have not been personally involved with research, the things we encounter daily as political science students can seem very opaque and the lack of understanding can create an idealization of the process. Having the actual experience of research gives me very important insight as to the conversation that is had when new research is published. Understanding the shortfalls of specific methodologies and the small errors that can take place in the process of research allows me to see academia as a discipline rather than a factory that produces hard knowledge. I hope to have a career in social science academia, so this experience as an undergraduate was extremely beneficial for me.” - Pilot Lab, Summer 2019


“This experience was really helpful in throwing me into the world of research. I have never had to read this many articles before so it showed me the rigor of the process and taught me how important organization is. It also showed me how much I enjoyed research. I really liked learning about China’s higher education system through reading about different aspects of it and interpreting it for myself as opposed to being told what to think.” - Pilot lab, Summer 2019