Class II UIC Well Regulations Dataset

The Regulatory Actions group of the CCIS recently finished a compilation of statutes and regulations regarding Class II UIC wells relevant to managing induced seismicity from oil and gas wastewater disposal.  Accompanying this dataset is a report comparing the relevant regulations of EPA and the seven surveyed states (AR, CO, KS, OH, OK, PA, TX).

The publicly accessible, interactive dataset, including citations and text of the relevant law, is posted on the LawAtlas website — see — choose “Environmental Health” and then "Induced Seismicity from Oil and Gas Wastewater Injection" or go directly to — The related report is also available at this link.


UNAVCO Features Snapshot of CCIS Research

On November 6, 2019, UNAVCO published a snapshot of Hazard Implications of the 2016 Mw 5.0 Cushing, OK, Earthquake from a Joint Analysis of Damage and InSAR Data by Magali Barba-Sevilla, Bridger W. Baird, Abbie B. Liel and Kristy F. Tiampo.


Advisory Board Meeting

On August 26 2019, The Colorado Collaboratory for Induced Seismicity is hosting its final advisory board meeting. We will share posters from the event after that date.


PhD Dissertation Defense

Megan Brown, partially supported by HAZARD SEES, defended her dissertation titled Mechanisms and Mitigation of Injection-Induced Earthquakes on April 1, 2019. Her advisor was Shemin Ge. Anne Sheehan and Kristy Tiampo were on her committee.


PhD Dissertation Defense

Robert Chase, fully supported by HAZARDS SEES, defended his dissertation titled Structural Response and Risk Considering Regional Ground Motion Characteristics on December 12, 2018. His advisor was Abbie Liel. 


Induced Seismicity Seminar Class

Induced Seismicity seminar class was held this Spring 2019. Professors Abbie Liel, Anne Sheehan, and Kristy Tiampo co-led an induced seismicity seminar class during the Spring 2019 semester at CU. Ten graduate students were enrolled in the seminar, and collaborators Liesel Ritchie, Kathryn Mutz, and additional researchers were frequent participants and contributors.


Greeley Earthquake on TV

A Fox31 piece on the Greeley earthquakes, featuring some of our researchers, aired on Wednesday, April 4, 2018.

Seismic Shift


New Geophysics Class

Field Geophysics class was held in spring 2018. In the photo, USGS scientist Dr. Lyndsay Ball demonstrating geophysical well logging to field geophysics class at hydrologic well site, East Campus, CU Boulder.

New Class


Poster Presentation

On August 24th, 2018, Rob Chase presented a poster on Damage Accumulation for a Two-Story Wood Frame Building in Sequences of Induced Earthquakes at the Forum for Infrastructure presented by SEG at Oklahoma State University. Rob’s work is focused on examining how potential seismic loss can change in a light-frame wood structure from multiple low magnitude shaking events.

Damage Accumulation


QuakeSmart Workshop

Professors Abbie Liel and Anne Sheehan both spoke at the QuakeSmart Workshop on Sept. 19, 2018 in Golden, Colorado. QuakeSmart is a FEMA National Earthquake Hazards Reduction Program (NEHRP) initiative to help businesses in at-risk earthquake communities implement earthquake mitigation actions.

Abbie's talk was entitled Damage from a Moderate Magnitude Earthquake: What Could Happen in Colorado?  Anne's talk was entitled Induced Seismicity – What You Need to Know.  

QuakeSmart Workshop


Coastlines and People Scoping Session Presentation

Anne Sheehan presented at the Coastlines and People Scoping Session, hosted by the National Science Foundation, in San Diego in October 2018.

Coastline and People


International Induced Seismicity Workshop

Professor Abbie Liel and PhD Student Enrique Chon both presented at the International Induced Seismicity Workshop in Banff, Alberta, Canada hosted by the Canadian Induced Seismicity Collaboration on October 24th, 2018!  The purpose of the collaboration was discuss learnings from induced seismicity.  Prof. Liel's work is focused on risk to structures associated with induced seismicity, and Enrique's work focuses on measuring shear waves from induced events. 

International Induced Seismicity Enrique

International Induced Seismicity Abbie