Enihs Medrano and Jaideep Mangat stand outside Lafayette City Council building

CU Alumni Association Highlight: CU Engage Inspires Local Legacies (June 2022)

Aug. 3, 2022

During the 2021-2022 school year Public Achievement was highlighted as a key CU Engage program that is supporting local impact through our support and development of youth leaders. The experiences of PA alumni Enihs Medrano and Jaideep Mangat, now both local elected officials, as well as Program Director and Instructor,...

five students look at documents

CU Today Highlight: Creating an inclusive curriculum at Centaurus High and beyond (May 2022)

Aug. 3, 2022

During the 2021-2022 school year a Public Achievement of Centaurus High School students formed around the collective vision to start an Ethnic Studies course at their school. Over the course of the school year students not only brought awareness to what ethnic studies is and why we need it in...

image of youth led webinar discussing Black Lives Matter

CU Boulder Today Highlight: Young people make their voices heard online amid pandemic (December 2020)

Aug. 3, 2022

During the 2020-2021 school year the Public Achievement program was learning how to adapt our learning, community and organizing work to an online setting. Despite the challenges of the pandemic and a remote school year our program continued to build community and address the most pressing social issues important to...

students gather holding signs to support immigration rights

Daily Camera Highlight: Students Lobby for Family Separation Resources in BVSD (March 2020)

Jan. 12, 2021

During the 2019-2020 school year Public Achievement students across three schools (Casey MS, Angevine MS, and Centautus HS) alongside college Public Achievement coaches from CU Boulder worked to understand the most pressing resources needed for students experiencing the lived reality or threat of family separation through deportation. Part of the...

Five students stand against hallway wall smiling.

CU Engage Article on Public Achievement's Program Pathways (December 2019)

CU Boulder’s Public Achievement program is highlighted for our work to create innovative pathways for students of color and first generation college students to become leaders on campus and in the community. Our extraordinary enrollment program is highlted which makes our course and program available to students at Front Range...

Charla holding megaphone with group of students

Public Achievement and Program Director Awarded by Office of Outreach and Engagement (April 2020)

The Public Achievement program and Program Director, Charla Agnoletti, were awarded by Office of Outreach and Engagement (OOE) at CU Boulder for outstanding professional commitments to and success with community outreach and engagement initiatives. Our program received $5,000 to support Public Achievement’s continued outreach activities. Thank you, OOE! You can...

JD Mangat stands in front of crowd of youth at park gazeebo

Youth Rising Article on Youth Activism and Youth-Led Rally for Sanctuary Rights in Lafayette, CO (September 2019)

Public Achievement youth, staff and alumni are highlihgted in this feature article in CU Boulder's School of Education magazine, Voices, The article highlights a Public Achievement event where youth led a walkout and rally in conjunction with the city on sanctuary rights for undocumented immigrants in Lafayette, Colorado. See the...

students stand around centaurus high school sign

CPR Highlight: Students of Color Make Space for Themselves in Advanced Classes (April 2019)

For years students at Centaurus High School have been working on creating pathways for students of color to join and stay in more advanced and IB (International Bacheloreatte) classes. After giving her Ed Talk for the CU Boulder School of Education, Enihs voice on our collective work sparked statewide attention...

Enihs stands on stage to talk

Fall 2018 Ed Talks: PA High School Student Takes the Stage

Finding Our Collective Power as Students of Color Who Refuse to Conform Enihs Medrano, Centaurus High School Senior, Public Achievement Coach This is a story of the change that young people can enact when they use personal experiences as the drive to make a difference for themselves and others. Enihs...

At computer talking with students

Daily Camera Highlight: PA Graduate with Inspiration and Promise (May 2018)

Public Achievement graduate, Erika Orona, is honored with a feature in The Daily Camera as an inspirational and promising CU Boulder graduate and alumni in the class of 2018. Erika Orona now works as Public Achievemen't Program Coordinator.