INVS/EDUC 2919 Renewing Democracy in Communities & Schools

June 28, 2016

"INVS/EDUC2919: Renewing Democracy in Schools and Communities" provides an academic compontent for undergraduates who participate in the Public Achievement program. The course embodies experiential education and provides CU undergraduates with the opportunity to get credit for working directly with youth on school and community issues. Students learn by doing and... Read more »
Teaching Social Justice

INVS 4999 Teaching Social Justice

June 27, 2016

"Teaching Social Justice" is a course designed to explore the role that education and youth play in addressing social justice issues. Students in this course have completed a full year of the INVS/EDUC2919 course "Renewing Democracy in Schools and Communities" and have been selected for an undergraduate teaching assistantship. INVS4999... Read more »