Finding Our Collective Power as Students of Color Who Refuse to Conform

Enihs Medrano, Centaurus High School Senior, Public Achievement Coach

This is a story of the change that young people can enact when they use personal experiences as the drive to make a difference for themselves and others. Enihs Medrano shares her personal journey within CU Boulder’s Public Achievement program at Centaurus High School and how it molded her desire to use her voice for social change. Her story is only one piece of a collective effort by a group of high school students who are working to diversify the AP and IB classes at their high school. “When young people of color refuse to accept the stereotypes placed on us by teachers, administration, white peers and white parents, we are able to access the education we deserve while changing the perception of students of color.” Video taken at the CU Boulder School of Education Fall 2018 Ed Talks at the Dairy Arts Center. Inspired by TED Talks, Ed Talks is a thought-provoking series aimed at challenging assumptions and creating new paradigms around diversity and inclusion in education and beyond.