Published: June 28, 2016

 INVS 2919: Renewing Democracy in Schools and Communities 

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Our  CU undergraduate course is for students who are passionate about youth voice for everyday democracy and social change.  We study theory to transform ourselves and society and learn from middle and high school youth in Boulder Valley School District who are leading change in their own schools and community.  Together we work to understand and address complex issues relevant to youth such as racism in schools, support for immigrant youth and families, addressing global warming, and access to higher education. 

INVS 2919 students meet on twice a week on campus during Monday and Wednesday for 50 minute seminars and on Friday's students meet off campus at a local middle or high school for 90 minutes for a the Public Achievement practicum.  During the weekly seminars, students consider the relationship between democracy, education, and social change.  

Our course objectives are outline in five categories:

  • Theories: Develop understanding of and apply theories of demoracy, education, diversity and social change;

  • Democracy in Action: Observe and practice democracy and leadership through Public Achievement each week;

  • Public Skills:  Develop and demonstrate public skills including community based research, deliberation on complex social issues, public narrative, and project facilitation.

  • Privilege, Power and Identity: Understand concepts of identity, power, privilege, intersectionality and diversity with attiention to education, institutions, and public work.

  •  Moblize k-12 Students: Support students and PA Teams as they identify a role and skills and citizens who address complex social issues in their schools and community

The course supports undergraduates in developing a critical framework for education, social change and working with youth that is applied to weekly sessions with k-12 students.

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