Graduating with Latin Honors

At CU Boulder there are two ways to graduate with Latin Honors (cum laude, magna cum laude, or summa cum laude): completing an honors thesis within their major (Departmental Honors) or completing an interdiscplinary honors thesis (General Honors).

Departmental Honors

The goal of the Psychology and Neuroscience Honors Program is to acknowledge highly motivated students who excel both in the classroom and in a PSYC/NRSC research lab with special educational opportunities. Students who wish to graduate with Departmental Honors must meet these specific requirements:

  • Plan to graduate with a major in Psychology and or Neuroscience
  • Maintain a high GPA (generally a 3.3 or higher)
  • Complete and successfully defend an honors thesis based on an empirical research project
    • Honors in the Psychology and Neuroscience Department is primarily based on research done in a PSYC/NRSC research lab. Check out the chart below for a suggested timeline.
    • Psychology students not in a research lab can also apply for the year-long honors seminar class but please note that is offered every other year and is a competitive process.

Visit the Department of Psychology and Neuroscience's Honors Program website to read more about the honors program in the department.

General Honors

Students may complete the General Honors requirements outlined by the Arts and Sciences Honors Program as an alternative to completing Departmental Honors. Students who wish to graduate with General Honors must meet 4 specific requirements:

  • Be a student in the College of Arts and Sciences
  • Maintain a high GPA (3.5 or higher)
  • Complete the General Honors Core requirements
  • Complete and successfully defend an interdisciplinary honors thesis

Visit the General Honors website to learn more about graduating with General Honors.


This is a suggested timeline for completing your Honors Thesis. This example is based on a 4-year degree plan but Transfer Students are definitely still eligible for Honors too! Meet with your Academic Advisor to create a customized plan. 

Suggested Honors Timeline

Honors Thesis Getting Started Handout

PSYC/NRSC Research Labs

Honors Thesis Paperwork

PSYC/NRSC Department Honors Website