Provisionalia is a guide and repository for texts and translations of scholastic philosophy and theology.

The site aspires to list every scholastic author whose works have been the subject of scholarly attention, and to provide the following information:

  • The titles of their extant works and the dates of composition
  • Brief publication information for any Latin editions and translations into any language
  • Information about editions and translations in progress.
  • Links, where available, to provisional editions and translations.

The site will not in general attempt to provide links to digital reproductions of older books. The best guides to this material are those of Dana Sutton and Jean-Luc Solère. (If these fail, try Google Books advanced search. Limit the search to "full view only." Given the inevitable vagaries of author and title, constraining the date of publication is often helpful.) For a guide to later scholastic material (1500-1800), see Jacob Schmutz's Scholasticon.

The core of this site are the Biographies in Appendix B of the new Cambridge History of Medieval Philosophy (Cambridge University Press, 2009), from which I have deleted Islamic, Jewish, and non-scholastic Christian authors. Since that list did not extend into the Renaissance, coverage of later figures remains a work-in-progress.

The site as a whole will, perpetually, be a work in progress, and I do not mean to do this entirely by myself. For this site to be a success, it will require serious help from other scholars. Please send me any information, corrections, or texts that you have.

Thanks for help so far to

  • Eckhart Triebel
  • Matthew Campono
  • Peter Eardley
  • Russell Friedman
  • Stephen Lahey
  • Humberto Antonio Lopez
  • Martin Pickave
  • Irven Resnick
  • Chris Schabel
  • Jean-Luc Solère
  • Mark Thakkar
  • John Uebersax
  • John van den Bercken
  • Alfred van der Helm
  • Jörgen Vijgen
  • Tyler Huismann
  • Louis Shwartz
  • Doug Taber
  • Michiel Streijger
  • Drew Rosato
  • Jacob Andrews

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