Elementary Arts Lab offers free workshops (virtual and in person) and resources to elementary schools and local communities. We are a group of researchers and graduate students from Dance, Chemical Engineering and Materials Science, each passionate about bringing science, the arts and movement into children's everyday lives.

We would love to work with you. We are flexible about how we work and keen to expand our resources, so please get in touch.

Our work so far:

Fall 2021 - Boulder Valley School District

We worked with Boulder Valley School District to develop resources for teaching 4th grade about energy and waves. In these lessons, the children will investiate energy and energy transfers with their bodies. They will consider different types of waves and how they travel and use movement to explore pitch, volume and color. Finally, they will investigate different sources of electricity, the limitations of each source and the effect of supply and demand on the electricity grid using a movement game. 

Spring 2021 - University Hill Elementary School

outreach logoWe worked with Mary Powell (art teacher) and Becca Spencer (music teacher) to develop and deliver workshops for 3rd grade over nine weeks. In art, we discussed atoms, exploring the idea that everything is made of atoms using pointillism and sand painting. We investigated the states of matter, using art media that reflected the properties of solids, liquids and gases. Through creating their own planet, the children considered days, years and the conditions necessary to sustain life. In music, the children explored light and color through the work of Kandinsky and sound waves through a movement orchestra. They learned a poem and a dance to understand weather and use movement games to explore the water cycle. We would like to thank CU office for outreach and engagement for supporting this project.