Published: May 5, 2021

3D printed hex game pieces which were not designed wellAt the core of universal design is connection between the designer and the user. Joseph Mucci and Quinn Bello are two teens who have embraced their partnership with the St. Joseph School for the Blind in developing designs for their Hex Game, an interactive marble run game. Starting in 2019, the students began a joint project through their computer science teacher Brandon Horn, and BBB partner Ian Matty, who runs the makerspace at Mountain Lakes Public Library in New Jersey. For the past two years, Quinn and Joseph have sent prototypes of the Hex Game for testing and feedback to students at St. Joseph's, which helped them refine and improve the design through several iterations. Read more about their collaboration with St. Joseph's. You can also learn more and find instructions for printing your own copy of the Hex Game in the BBB Design Gallery.