The Hex Game was created by high school students Quintin Bello and Joseph Mucci as part of a long-term project with the Mountain Lakes Public Library Makerspace. Starting in 2019, they began developing and testing prototype pieces for building an interactive marble maze. Through a  partnership with St. Joseph's School for the Blind, the team refined their 3D printed designs over multiple iterations based on student feedback. 

Designer Note: The Hex Game is an accessible marble run and puzzle game that allows visually impaired kids and their sighted friends and family members to create their own multilevel tracks. Create an artistic design, tell a story, or race a marble down the "Giver" slide! The Hex Game has received much feedback from a diverse group of kids and adults and is ready to be played!

Read this artice about the how the Hex Game was created: Hex Game Rolls to a Successful Finish! 

Watch the Hex Game in action!

Project Files and Instructions: