The certificate will be awarded after the Director and staff reviews each student’s academic record and a notation of completion will be added to official CU transcripts. Students who have graduated but not completed all of the certificate’s requirements must reapply as a non-degree in order to continue pursuing the certificate.  After reapplying and being accepted, the director will notify Continuing Education using the certificate declaration form.  For non-degree students, a letter that indicates completion of the certificate, signed by the director, will be issued.  Requests to award a certificate may be made at any time, however, due to federal financial aid regulations, certificates may only be posted to a student's record when they are awarded their degree. Nondegree students may have certificates posted to their records at the close of the term in which the certificate requirements were completed and the Office of the Registrar notified.  Certificates are posted to transcripts of eligible students approximately five days after degrees post in a given term.