The Social Innovation Certificate requires 6 credit units of required classes and 12 credit units of electives.   

Required Courses

(3 credit hours each)

Course # Course Title
SOCY 4160 Designing Social Innovations
SOCY 4161*With the Director’s permission, SOCY 4932 (Internship in Social Innovation) can be substituted for SOCY 4161 Executing Social Innovations


(3 credit hours each)

Students are to take four of the following courses (only one of which can be from SOCY and no more than three of which may be from the same department) and, depending on their career goals, can choose all from the same area or from multiple ones:

Care, Health, and Resilience

Course # Course Title
ARSC 1220 Global Health Issues for the Health Professions (offered through HPRAP)
GEOG 3692      Intro to Global Public Health
IPHY 3490          Intro to Epidemiology
PHIL 3160 Bioethics
PSYC 2606 Social Psychology
SLHS 1010 Disabilities in Contemporary Society


Course # Course Title
ANTH 4020 Archeology of Inequality
GEOG 3862 Geography of International Development
GEOG 3672 Gender & the Global Economy
ECON 4242 Urban Economies: The Economics of Cities
ECON 4717 Economics of Entreprenuership 
SOCY 4071 Social Stratification


Course # Course Title
BAKR 1600 Creating a Sustainable Future
ECON 3535 Natural Resource Economics
ECON 3545 Environmental Economics
ECON 3784 Economic Development & Policy
ENVS 3030 Topics in Environmental Social Sciences
ENVS 3031 Energy & Human Behavior
ENVS 3032 Environment, Media & Society
GEOG 1962 Geographies of Global Change
SOCY 2077 Environment & Society
SOCY 3002 Population & Society
SOCY 4007 Global Human Ecology
SSIR 1010 Entrepreneurship & Sustainability


Course # Course Title
ECON 4211 Public Economies
PSCI 2106 Introduction to Public Policy Analysis
PSCI 3031 Political Parties &  Interest Groups
PSCI 3274 Capitalism & Its Critics
PSCI 4714 Liberalism & Its Critics

International Affairs 

Course # Course Title
ANTH 4500 Globalization & Transnational Culture
GEOG 3682        Geography of International Development
IAFS 1000           Global Issues and International Affairs
PHIL 3260 Philosophy and International Order
PSCI 3143 Current Affairs in International Relations 
PSCI 4012 Global Development 


Course # Course Title
ANTH 3170 America: An Anthropological Perspective
ANTH 4500 Globalization & Transnational Culture
ARSC 3001 Social Engagement & Human Rights
ETHN 2001 Foundations: Race & Ethnicity in the U.S.
ETHN 2013 Critical Issues in Native North America
ETHN 2432 African American History
ETHN 2536 Survey of Chicana/o History and Culture
ETHN 3201 Multicultural Leadership
GEOG 3742 Place, Power, & Contemporary Culture
IAFS 3000 Special Topics in International Affairs: Humanitarianism
INVS 3302 Facilitating Peaceful Community Change
PACS 2500 Introduction to Peace & Conflict Studies
PACS 3700 Communication & Conflict Management
SLHS 2000 Introduction to Communication Disorders
SOCY 2011 Contemporary Social Issues & Human Values
SOCY 2031 Social Problems
SOCY 2044 Crime in Society
SOCY 3141 Social Movements in the U.S.
SOCY 4081 Sociology of Education
WMST 2000 Introduction to Feminist Studies
WMST 3500 Global Gender Issues


Course # Course Title
ATLS 4519 Design for Change
EMEN 4200 Engineering & Entreprenuership for the Developing World
EMEN 4825 Entreprenuerial Business Plan Preparation 
HUEN 1850 Engineering in History: The Social Impace of Technology
HUEN 2130 History of Modern Technology: 1750 to the Atomic Bomb
HUEN 2210 Engineering, Science, & Society 
MCEN 4045 ME Senior Design 1 (ESI Section Only)
MCEN 4085 ME Senior Design 2 (ESI Section Only)
MCEN 4228 Cookstove Assessment 
MCEN 4228 Project-based Learning in Rural Schools 


Internship Opportunities