To be effective care providers, today’s helping professionals need more than technical skills. They must also be attuned to clients’ concerns and values and grasp the complexities of modern care bureaucracies. And they must know which types of jobs are best suited to their interests and how to manage the multiple pressures put on them as care providers. In short, helping professionals need to understand the human dimensions of care. 


The certificate in Care, Health, and Resilience prepares undergraduates for working in the helping professions: nursing, medicine, counseling, teaching, community services, ministry, emergency management and related fields. It emphasizes the practices and knowledge expected of paid care providers, ranging from the ability to nurture clients’ physical, emotional and social well being to helping people thrive despite life-altering circumstances. It also addresses the experiences and challenges of professional caregivers.  And it advances one of the campus’s three strategic imperatives, which is to “Positively Impact Humanity.”